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    and Accounts Management Bureau.
    Healthy Patients are your business.
    Healthy medical Accounts are ours.
    Less Stress More Cash: We increase your revenue and decrease your costs.
    Get Paid Faster: Cash flow is key. Highest reimbursements in the shortest time puts cash in your bank not on the books.
    Free Up your Time: Our team takes care of the time-consuming tasks in handling account inquiries and payment collections .
  • Medical Billing
    Discover for yourself why medical practices opt for Forte Medical as their provider of medical billing and payment collection services.
    Improving your Practice cash flow has never been easier

You can focus on your Practice while we maximise your Claim Collections Forte Medical your all-in-one medical claim capturing and collections bureau.

Your patient’s health is your highest priority while our sole purpose of existence is to provide you and your Patients with the best Medical Account Management service available.

At Forte Medical we offer turnkey outsourced medical account services to medical practices of all sizes and specialities.

With our offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town, we leverage our expertise to provide our partners with an effective, efficient and precise outsourced Medical Billing Bureau service offering.

We ensure that your practice’s income is maximized while at the same time your costs are minimized. As a result, you will benefit from:
    • Increased service revenues
    • Decreased cost overheads
    • More time for your patients
    • Stabilized cash-flows
    • Professional accounts enquiry help-desk

Our Services

Claim Capturing

We capture claims right the first time and on time

Patient Detail Verification

We verify patient details and records for correctness

Electronic Claim Submissions

We will submit claims to medical aids in real-time

Manual Claim Submissions

We will submit claims to private patients and medical aids when and where required

Security and Integrity

Our patient, claim and accounts data is periodically and securely backed up in off-site locations.


We offer 100% electronic audit trails of all claims processing.

Reconciliation of Remittances

We will reconcile all remittances to your accounts.

Reconciliation of Bank Statements

We will reconcile your business bank statement for private and medical payments received to balance your accounts

Tariff Codes

We constantly check and update medical aid tariffs

Payment Collections

We ensure that medical aids and member portions are collected


We provide on-demand as well as month end reports so that you are always in the know

and more...

Our rates are the lowest in the industry. We achieve this by using best-of-breed technology, processes, systems and solutions that allow us to streamline the complete claim-management cycle.
Our services allow our partners to focus on providing expert medical services while we ensure timely, accurate and maximised revenue collections from healthcare insurance providers and private patients.

We have many excited happy delighted partners that choose Forte Medical Solutions...

Thousands of Claims captured and Millions of Rands collected. A proudly South African company.

About Forte Medical

At Forte Medical, we utilize best-of-breed, specialized, dedicated and industry proven medical account management software and processes. Coupling this with our expertly trained, motivated and professional staff compliment we are positioned as South Africa’s leading outsourced medical accounts service provider. When it comes to outsourced medical account administration we are the industries ‘Gold Standard’ that others get measured by.
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